Over the years we’ve collected hundreds of positive reviews from people that we helped create retirement plans. Here are some of them.

Eric Arnold sits down with Barb DiGulio to talk about balancing parenting in the workplace, raising four kids under the age of five, his recent viral LinkedIn post, and more.

Athena T

Andy, Kristen, and Paul took the time to reassure me of the details of the insurance plan. They were open and honest about it and I didn’t feel like they were trying to upsell me or rush me into signing.

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Syed Raza

I'm absolutely blown away from my involvement with Planswell. I booked an appointment to discuss my financial goals and get started building out my future. I had the pleasure to speak with Alex, and I have nothing but great things to say about him. Not did he just help me in determining the best financial plan for my goals, but the entire time, I didn't feel like I was being sold anything. During our conversation, I had also brought up my interest in the insurance as well, and he immediately booked an appointment for me to get started. That is where I spoke to Paul, who responded to every one of my questions and is currently getting me set up with the best plan that suits me for my well-being. Alex is my financial guy, and Paul is my insurance guy significant assets to the Planswell team.

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Seungyun Lee

Andy Cosby’s action, knowledge and devotion in his client success truly represents his motto of believing you get what you want by helping other people get what they want. Thank you Andy for your patience to gain my trust with genuine and unbiased advise.

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Planswell CEO, Eric Arnold, shares his early dream of making $100K, starting 9 previous businesses, and how he’s focused on creating a transparent and inclusive work environment.

Hilary Watson

Solid team! Amazing solution and so affordable.

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Tingting Wen

I work in the insurance and investment industry and had a financial adviser from these big guys for 5 years. Yet Planswell is able to impress me with their professionalism, authentic care for clients, and exceptional product knowledge. I really hope more companies in the industry are doing what Planswell is doing. I would highly recommend Planswell to anyone.

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Kathy Mighton

So impressed! Andy and the Planswell team know their stuff. They are thorough and knowledgeable but not aggressive or pushy. Peace of financial mind is a big deal. Thank you Andy. Thank you Planswell!

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Don Larsen

Very good customer service. Friendly and helpful staff. Andy Cosby provides sound, unpressured advice.

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Saera Jean

Harmeet at Planswell has been wonderful from the initial conversation I had with him. He took the time to really get to know me and my future goals. He always does a thorough follow-up and is on the ball. I feel confident that I will be in good hands with Harmeet. Happy customer so far!

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Jackie Z

Andy has been wonderful to work with. He is so knowledgeable, sincere and patient in working with me. I appreciate the level of effort he goes to in order to understand my needs and goals.

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Toronto’s Planswell is lifting the startup’s waitlist for its online financial planning engine, opening up its software Canada-wide and revealing $6.8 million in new funding.

Jeremy Gorzelak

I dealt with Patrick for my financial planning and account transfers, Paul for my insurance, and Samson for my mortgage. All three of the guys were great, they were very transparent and found me the best price/options. Would highly recommend.

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Manvi Badhwar Mathur

Andy is our pro advisor and we could not be happier with him. He’s always there to answer questions patiently and Planswell team have other experts to answer questions that he may not be able to. I would recommend Planswell and Andy to anyone who’ll listen and I’m glad to have them in my team!

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Planswell CEO, Eric Arnold, shares his thoughts on screen scraping in this featured article on open banking policies and infrastructure.

Toronto-based Planswell, which allows Canadians to build free financial plans, announced that it’s dropped its waitlist and raised a $6.8 million seed round.

Dawn E

The staff at Planswell are very personable, professional, encouraging and prompt. Patrick genuinely cares about his clients and he is never pushy, very patient and works with the client to understand their needs and put their best interests first. I look forward to having Patrick assist with my financial needs now and in the future and I am confident that he will set up his clients for financial success.

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P Schmidt

I don't have the words to express how grateful I am that I found Planswell and Andy Cosby. He has already helped me so much with figuring out a plan of action to get everything on track after a couple of really unfortunate mishaps. I feel confident moving forward, something that I've never felt regarding finances or financial planning and that in an of itself it priceless. Thank you, Andy and everyone at Planswell for the work you're doing. It's important and unbelievably appreciated.

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With Pat, I had my first experience with investing that I can actually say was very positive! He is a wonderful resource for investing - in our first meeting he listened to my situation and was able to leverage his excellent understanding of my current situation and fianancial/career/home goals to tailor his recommendations and advice to my needs. Pat's knowledge and excellent communication compliments Planswell's tech seamlessly. The experience is collaborative and not pushy at all. The advice he continues to give from basic finances to current market trends is highly valuable. I would strongly recommend Pat as a plan pro and Planswell overall as strong and refreshing finance allies.

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Paolo Piguing

Andy and Samson have been great so far in helping me with my finances and some insurance and mortgage needs. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a helping hand with their financial future!

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Jess Seo

I have loved my experience with Planswell so far. My Plan Pro Chris made everything so easy to understand and got my finances on the right track. Paul in insurance was also wonderful! Chris checks in often, which I can’t say about my former advisor! I also have gotten several invites to exclusive client events which were amazing! Kudos to the whole team!!

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Planswell CEO sits down with Investment Executive to talk about the future of financial planning.

New technology partnership between Rise and Toronto-based Planswell empowers organizations ot cultivate a culture of engagement by supporting employee well being.

Martin Aitken

The initial conversation was painless no pressure, at the end of it, we both decided that my present situation was fine, there was no pressure to switch. Overall this was a good experience, I believe him to be honest about himself which is the most important aspect of a planner.

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Planswell is announced as the 11th most sought-after company on LinkedIn’s 2018 list of Canada’s Top Startups.

Brooke Graham

Alanna is a good friend of mine but that has never stopped her from giving me honest, sound advice. As a Plan Pro, she advised to hold off on investing until I sorted out my debts. Paul was also a great help with my insurance application - super efficient and respectful of my time. Overall, a great company and an even better team!

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Brian Graham

I hear about Planswell on a TV news show and went on to make a few more inquires before contacting them for advice and have not looked back. Kevin Lade has been a pleasure to talk to and has given me more financial advice in the last few weeks than I've been able to get from my bank in years. I am looking forward to investing with Planswell and obtaining real and honest financial advice from Kevin.

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Companies like Planswell are helping people like Oswaldo Castaneda and Maria Lopez-Araiza avoid sky-high fees when signing up for a group RESP.

Leon Rosenbaum

Andy was excellent at getting me set up and connecting me to the mortgage team. Their collection of information was thorough and speedy, offering me pre-approval in a timely manner at extremely competitive rates. Very impressed with their service.

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Traditional financial plans cost thousands, but tech startups like Planswell are introducing new low-cost options.

Mike Maves

Had an interesting and informative chat with Andy from Planswell today. I learned a few things that I plan to put into action and will be giving Planswell serious consideration as a solution to streamline my financial plans. Many thanks Andy. Look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.

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Tracy Mansell

Met with Gov at the beginning of the summer! In 30 min he had shared more knowledge with me than my previous planner had shared in our entire relationship. Gov, thank you for your patience, availability, and expertise! Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship!

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Betty Zhang

Great personal service, Andy helped me understand a lot of my personal finance and the goals I can set for myself.

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After all the talk of AI and cleantech in Canada over the past few months, fintech companies must have felt a bit left out.

Planswell CEO, Eric Arnold, chats about raising capital from a strategic investor vs. a VC; financial planning myths and literacy; creating viral content on LinkedIn, and more.

Steve Williams

Andy was great to work with. He took the time to understand our situation and chat through the financial plan that the software had developed, explain the components and why they were important. All of this was done at a time of the evening that was convenient for me and my family. Thanks Andy!

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Toronto-based Planswell is included in this month’s round up of top Canadian companies hiring local talent to better their mission.

Roy Oanes

I had the pleasure of speaking with Andy C who walked me through the planswell options relevant to information I provided for my retirement planning. I was pleased to gain knowledge on options I hadn't considered to reduce my taxes and felt comfortable listening to Andy as he guided me through the tools and resources available through planswell. I really appreciated the feeling that Andy wasn't trying to push a product on me but was legitimately working on helping me towards my financial goals. I look forward to continued conversations and doing more with Andy and others he recommends at Planswell and their partners.

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Olivia Roque

Here is another review for Planswell but this time its their mortgage services: Now that we have settled into our first home and able to sit down and relax, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how great Samson (and Planswell) was as our mortgage broker throughout the whole process. I was always so scared about the process thinking about how stressful it will be. However, Samson made it so easy. Even during moments of difficulty, he always kept me up to date on the progress. All throughout the process, he answered all of my questions thoroughly and immediately. Our source of downpayment didnt just come from two or three accounts but from several accounts with multiple movements - Samson was quick, able to understand and follow each and every account. Planswell is very lucky to have him and you made the right choice in making him part of the Planswell family. You should be very proud. I am one very happy client and will refer Planswell to all my friends and family. I will definitely keep on coming back to Planswell for our mortgage needs because of Samson. Thank you so much again for helping us reach our dream of getting our first home. All the best and Im sure Ill be in touch with Planswell for my family's needs. First review: Planswell is a great choice for my family's future! The team knows their products and are very open on what is the best option for you. More importantly, their customer service is excellent!! They treat us more than just clients but as part of the Planswell family.

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Jayant Mathur

Planswell is an amazing solution for your financial planning needs. Our go-to, Andy, has been our North Star for all matters related to our financial needs. Not to mention the money they've saved us in fees - most financial services practices have a tendency to charge exorbitant amounts for their services. Not these guys! Further, Andy is available whenever we've reached out - regardless of the time and even the day! With one of us being a dental professional, we were considering going somewhere else because we were not sure if this team would be able to service our needs. So we called Planswell to break up, but they managed to change our mind. If you're a dental professional, save yourself some fees and skip the dental professional financial advisors who will simply overcharge you fees because they feel you can afford it, and not really afford any different services. These guys will do right by you, regardless of your profession or income. Seriously, do yourself a favour and retain these guys. You won't regret it.

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It’s that time of the year that is commonly known as RRSP season and a lot of financial firms will be looking for your money but beware of pitches to get you to borrow money to invest in your RRSP.

Sarah El Sherbini

We love Planswell! My husband and I feel totally comfortable asking any and all questions about our finances--we don't feel judged or pressured to invest in any certain way. We visited Gov in the office and, the Planswell team is so super friendly! Thank you Planswell for helping a finance newbie understand her money :)

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Eric Arnold of Planswell speaks with CTV Morning Live about saving for your child’s education.

Humayra Kabir

We had a great experience working with Andy. He followed through with my portfolio plan despite me being in and out due to some personal family issues, and ensured we were getting all the information neccessary. He was able to accomodate numerous times when we needed to reschedule or took longer to go through the materials and information provided. He even scheduled calls during the weekend, and after office hours. Would highly recommend!

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Eric Arnold, CEO of Planswell, had a chat with Matt Galloway about how Planswell will help all Canadians have a clear vision of their financial future.

Effective immediately, Canadians in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia can create a free financial plan in minutes by going to

Nigel Mendoza

My wife and I were in the market for a house, and a friend recommended Planswell to help with the financial planning. We had the great pleasure of dealing with Andy. Him and his team went through great lengths to making us comfortable with setting up our finances with this big decision. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else, or even doing this on our own! Now we're comfortable working with them to plan for our future and grow our nest egg. Whether you're planning for something big or small, I'd say give them a shot - it'll be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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Heidi Tsao

I'd always had a feeling that I could be doing better with my money, but thought that a financial advisor was an expensive service that only rich people used. When I learned that Planswell is essentially a free service, I decided to check it out. I went in to the office and spoke to Andy. He's a super friendly guy, explains things in a very simple way, was very patient with whatever questions I had, without judgment. And sure enough, by switching to a Planswell investment product, I have potentially gained tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. I would recommend Planswell to anyone who wants to get a better handle on their money.

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Antigona Ulndreaj

My first encounter with Planswell was by using its online platform which I found to be informative and intuitive to use. In addition, I love the resources on various finance topics which can be found also on its website. For me, Planswell's highlight is the fact that one can have a financial adviser who creates a personalized financial plan based on your goals and provides ultra useful insights and recommendations based on your needs! I had the great pleasure of working with Kevin Lade, who is knowledgeable, attentive, and possesses an easy-going communicative style; all making finance planning (a daunting task for many) super fun, informative and even inspiring. Thank you, Planswell, for the great concept and outstanding customer service !

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Jesse Schroeder

I had a thorough discussion with Andy Cosby, the Senior Plan Pro with Planswell today and was amazed by his transparency and knowledge related to financial industry. The integrity of this company seems really strong and Andy's customer service skills were excellent. Highly recommend this organization. They actually care about there clients.

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Saravana Nukala

Extremely professional. Patrick understood your requirements from a financial standpoint and curate a list of options for your needs. Highly approachable and helpful for any questions/concerns you might have. They are also flexible with their contact timings based on your needs, which I highly appreciate. Definitely recommend them!

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Sean McSweeney

The team at Planswell was great at creating a comfortable and unpressured environment to talk about your finances. I recommend Planswell to anyone shopping for financial services and Andy is easy to work with and was able to address any of my questions or concerns.

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shuo chen

Andy is great. I really enjoy working with him. I think the staff at Planswell are very knowledgeable and truly represent the clients best interests.

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Planswell was recently included in The Globe and Mail’s annual robo-adviser guide for 2018.

Cinthia Duguay

Andy is just great to talk with, he has been so patient at answering my questions and listening to me trying to explain myself (English is not my first language and I struggle sometimes). He gave me the best advices and all of that for free! So happy I came across that Planswell add! I really recommand anyone to call him.

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Reza Jafer

It's been a pleasure working with the team at Planswell from their mortgage team to plan advisers, I've never had an issue getting a response from their team unlike other industry players. I will definitely be shopping my business by Planswell for my next transaction.

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Natasha Vincent

While I live in Quebec (where they're currently able to broker mortgages only), the Planswell team was able to discuss their perspectives on my financial health in-depth...all by phone. In under an hour, Andy and I discussed short-term and long-term goals to help improve my investment goals for retirement and education. Impressed and will return.

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Leonard Nolasco

I came across Planswell having never spoken to a financial advisor before. Patrick and his team were very helpful in guiding me toward a healthy financial future. We had conversations about mortgages, critical illness and life insurance. Planswell is a great way for millennials to start thinking about their financial future.

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Niccolo Arboleda

Very good company to get your finances in order especially when you're thinking about a future family. It has very good advice on optimizing where most of your money will go such as investments, housing, and building a family. Definitely worth working with them if you're serious about your financial future.

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CEO Eric Arnold talks about how he is poised to take online financial planner into 12 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Greg Morris

I can't say enough about how Andy from the Planswell team has reassured me in how committed he is to helping me get to where I want to be in the future. He is always there for me. He makes everything so personal, I know he's really wanting the best for me and my future. Can't say enough good things about him. Thanks for everything And. Can't wait to see where this goes.

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Lisa Knudsen

I am in the early days of my relationship with Planswell, but I couldn't be happier. I have learned so many things about my investments that I have ignored for so long! Thanks to Andy Cosby at Planswell!

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Toronto-based Planswell will use the new funds for product enhancements and expansion of their financial planning software.

Planswell CEO, Eric Arnold’s message: As long as people “do good work and bring a lot to the table,” it shouldn’t matter when or where they do it.

stany cardoza

Andy!! Simply patient to answer several queries from myself. I am not too good with finance, he has solid knowledge and was highly flexible to accommodate with appointments over the weekend too ! Great commitment and customer service during my account opening with Planswell. Thank you.

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Planswell CEO, Eric Arnold, understands the balancing act of between professional self and personal self as a parent of four. He recently sat down with CHCH to explain how to balance our lives.

chris sharma

I have been dealing with Andy Cosby for the past few years as my financial advisor. Andy has been so helpful in the planning of my financial future. He's open and honest and I can trust him to tell me the truth and he actually has a genuine concern and connection with his clients. Andy always checks in with me and is always available to answer any questions or help me out with any problems. Count yourself very lucky if you have Andy as your advisor. He's not just a business associate but he treats his clients like they are family. Regards Chris

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As part of a regular series powered by Dell Small Business, BetaKit spoke to Planswell CEO Eric Arnold about the importance of financial planning for everyone.

Planswell, a Toronto-based financial planning platform, has secured an additional $4 million in financing, bringing total funding so far to $17.8 million.

Post-secondary education is far from cheap, luckily the federal government gives parents free money to fund help it. If you contribute $2,000 to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Ottawa tops you up by $500. And yet — according to new research — only 41 per cent of Canadian parents take advantage

Hailey Kerrigan

Had a great experience meeting with Alanna at Planswell! I was very surprised to learn about the hidden fees I was paying on my investments and Alanna was able to help me develop a plan to save money and grow my investments. Thank you Alanna and Planswell!

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Lilia Data

As a senior with limited tech experience, I have found Andy to be very patient and accommodating as he walked me through my investment options.

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Toronto-based Planswell will use the new funds for product enhancements and expansion of their financial planning software.

Occupation Sucks

Planswell has taken good care of our needs and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in wanting to save money and plan for the future.

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M Lemaire

My first visit with Andy was full of very useful advices. I learned a lot of new things about what I could do to improve our financial situation. He very patiently answered all of my [numerous] questions and took the time to discuss key issues specific to our case at length. I look forward to continue working with Andy @Planswell for the forseeable future!

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From CTV Kitchener’s Rosie Del Campo: Planswell CEO Eric Arnold explains what you should know about registered education savings plans.

Toronto-based Planswell, which allows Canadians to build free financial plans, announced that it’s dropped its waitlist and raised a $6.8-million seed round.

Samantha Turnbull

Andy helped me get a cool new mortgage that will not only help me pay down my mortgage years faster, but also save me thousands in interest! Thanks Andy :)

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Daniel Gellman

I have the pleasure of working with Andy Cosby as a new client at Planswell. He is clear, detailed and pragmatic in his communication. His credibility and ethics shine in each and every conversation, and he is a great guy as well! Very happy that I have met him and that I am working with Planswell!

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Peter Keddy

Yes this company is legitimate. No it's not a scam. No, these aren't fake reviews. Some of these reviews are hilarious at trying to make a company look bad. I first discovered Planswell through a Facebook ad that appealed to me. Something along the lines of At what age can you retire?. After putting in basic contact information, it was followed up with a call. This part was no different than any other followup to a product request. What made it different was the service that followed. I didn't experience any high pressure sales tactics and the agent was very transparent about how he was paid. Skeptical at first, I later researched Vanguard, iShares/Blackrock, Warren Buffet's $1M bet, etc. I'm not in finance so I'd be a moderate knowledge investor at best. In the past, I have had mutual funds from big banks and I've also dealt with investment firms that talked big until I told them I didn't have the $250K or even $350K minimums. When I left my previous discount bank, I thought I was practically getting away with robbery because I was only paying a 1.35% management fee. One of the biggest differences with ETFs is the significantly lower fees, which literally translates into more money in your retirement nest. Lastly, with most banks, anytime you need something, you talk to someone new. I like that with Planswell, I've always dealt with one of a few people. I can't speak much to the other comments about Planswell being over simplistic because honestly, most people aren't financial experts so it doesn't seem like a good business practice to go over someone's head with information, then expect to earn their business/trust. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the advice I've received and the direction my investments are going for the future! I would recommend anyone interested in planning for their future to check out Planswell.

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